If you ask John Weller about Moses he says, “Moses is the best dog I’ve ever owned. It was an honor to have him on my truck or in my duck blind. His willingness to learn was beyond words. When Moses came in the house, my two young daughters would make a big black pillow out of him and watch T.V. I bet those three have watched the the Wizard of Oz two hundred times.”

A few years before his death Moses was called on to help in the search for a lost fisherman. I knew Moses could trail birds, but to smell out people? The boat of the individual was found, but no sign of the fisherman. We hoped we could go in the thick marsh and find the victim alive. I obtained an old sock, that the man wore recently. I put the sock on a “bumper”(retrieving article) and told Moses “to find it”, teasing him with the bumper every now and then to keep his enthusiasm up. After about an hour we found the fisherman’s paddle. This discovery led the Rescuers to a quick recovery of the drowned man. Moses was truly one of a kind. Mr. Richard Wolters, my long time friend and infamous author of Water DogGame DogGun DogFamily Dog, once told me that “you will never own any other Moses. He is a once in a lifetime dog.” Mr. Wolters was a big influence in my life through his wisdom and driving desire to enjoy life. It was a pleasure to know a man like him.

Moses’s biggest accomplishment, and it was a big one, was the fact that he was the FIRST DOG IN HISTORY to be named Grand Master Hunting Retriever. I would like to take a line to thank GOD for the pleasure and enjoyment Moses gave me.

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