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We’ve received countless positive feedback over the years, here are some examples…

The Barnes Family – owner of Shade (pup from Raven and Wiley)

Elm City, North Carolina

John & Anthony,

When my family made the decision that we wanted a black lab in our family, I began researching the web and asking friends for recommendations. One name kept coming up over and over – “Weller Kennels.”

I contacted you via email and a few days later got a nice phone call about being put on a waiting list for the next litter. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have waited, but your reputation made me give it a try. And Oh My! What a fantastic dog we waited for!

First and foremost we wanted a family companion and playmate, but being that several of us are beginning to duck hunt, we also wanted a good hunter/retriever. From the day we brought him home, he has been both an affection and retieving machine! So easy to train! But now he needs refinement and I can’t wait to see what you produce!

As for Weller Kennels, as fate would have it, you contacted me about doing some photography and other work for you and kennel. As such I have been on-site at the facilty several times and for extended visits. I’ve gotten to see the facilty up close and observe the activities. What an asset you have in Anthony and your staff! Always polite, courteous and professional. What a joy to watch them work with the dogs! And I was amazed that not only do you produce GRADE A labs, but you train all breeds of dogs as well! So cool to see labs, shepards, poodles, goldens, etc. all behaving beautifully together!

I’ve already sent two friends to you, and I’ll be a customer for life!

Continued success, 
Chris Barnes

UPDATE: (after picking up Shade from Obedience and Retriever Training)


Please tell Anthony that I had the most enjoyable walk with Shade today. We have a long driveway like yours. I walked him all the way to the mailbox, had him sit while I walked out to the mailbox, then circled around him, before picking the leash back up and commanding a heel back home. We stopped several times to sit, with me staying sometimes and continuing to walk on at others. He did great! I even dropped the newspaper at one point and had him fetch it up!

Then we played the “baseball” game once we got back home! It was a great session! Water retrieves are spot on too! Thanks again!


Scott Harless – (Owner of Kimber Cattail Hunter)

Selma, North Carolina 
I would like to thank you for your time and skills that you put into my dog Kimber. She arrived at Weller Kennels at 6 months of age, the summer of 2003. This is my first “Duck Dog” so I did not really know what to expect. Upon arriving at your kennel, she was not what you would call “Man’s best friend”. As with any puppy, she had her way with everything in our house that looked good to chew on. Upon arrival and meeting with your trainer, we knew that she would be in good hands. The hard part was watching her confused look as we left.

One month later, we returned to see her progress. Wow, in just one month, she was a totally different dog. She could sit on command and heel on command. I was very pleased with the first month and counted the days for our next visit. We came to see her every month, and with each month she had progressed far past what I expected.

I was only able to leave her with Weller Kennels for 5 months due to my desire to get her in the swamp for her first duck season. The first couple of trips out where stressful, as they are for any new dog. After about three trips out, she started putting what you taught her into real life. On her 4th hunt, I sent her 100 yards to retrieve a downed goose. Once she saw the goose there was no stopping her. The pride that you feel upon a successful retrieve like that can’t be put into words. The goose was actually bigger than her, but try to tell that to a high strung chocolate lab. The rest of the season went well with her learning every trip.

After the 5 months at your kennel, she has basically a started duck dog. The rest is up to me to fine tune her to my needs. I greatly appreciate your services and will highly recommend your kennel to anyone that wants a well trained dog, which I feel is the only dog worth having. You not only trained my dog, but me as well. What a great experience. I actually miss coming to New Bern once a month to work with you and your staff.

Please use me as a reference to anyone interested with this learning process. Keep up the good work, and I will see ya in the future.

Jeffrey Allen – owner of Kelli.

North Carolina


Kelli is right at 1 yr old (Chocolate) and a joy to hunt with. Kelli was FF, CC and trained at Weller Kennels. Kelli has picked up Ringneck Pheasants, Mallards,Wood Ducks, Teal, Ring Necks and BlueBills her first year. Anthony and John do an outstanding job with each retriever. Kelli is the daughter of Dutchmans Top Gun MH “Maverick” whom is retired and was also trained/FF/CC at Weller Kennels among numerous other retrievers I have owned over the years. Thanks for such a complete, thorough & outstanding job! The care and well being of each retriever is outstanding as well. The ability to read and understand each retriever no matter how different, set Anthony and John apart.

Your friend, 
Jim Hoffman


(former original drummer of Lynyrd Skynyrd)
ArtimusArtimus and Shadow (Judge & Beep puppy at 16 weeks of age)

ShadowShadow (15 weeks) playing with her friends at “Puppy Socialization” class.

“John Weller of Weller Kennels is an incredible person with a spiritual connection to Labrador retrievers unlike anyone you’ve ever known. His integrity is visible in the quality of his facilities for training and breeding. He genuinely cares for his dogs like children and personally follows their development in their new homes.”


Jim Hoffman & Family – owner of Lexi (one of our puppies)

New Bern, North Carolina


Just wanted to thank you again for Lexi (Lexus), the last female of the litter born on Dec 30th. Parents were Storm and Promise. She went to a good home with lot’s to do in New Bern.

If you remember, she was born on my Birthday. My three kids and wife love her to death. We all do. Is a natural retreiver and the best swimming lab I have ever had. Loves jumping off the dock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you soo much. I have attached a photo of her from yesterday.

Your friend, 
Jim Hoffman

Danny Varner – owner of Roxie & Luke

North Carolina

Just wanted you to thank you for the training you provided to both my dogs. The environment as well as the professional handling of you and your staff. I could not be more pleased with the results. It has made both Roxie 7 years old and Luke 3 years old more enjoyable than words can describe. Thank you again for your professionalism.

Danny Varner

Jake and Jessica Lewis – owner of Logan (Lab Puppy)

Jacksonville, North Carolina

We just visited Logan the other day. What a pleasant treat to see what once was a hyper little 3 month old Lab turn into such a well behaved and intense young dog. In just the last few months he has transformed into the dog that we will be pleased to have in our home, and in the blind. After the tragic loss of our male last summer while I was in Afghanistan, my wife “cleared me hot” for another retrieving machine. We found that with Logan, coupled with months of research into the premier dog school in the Carolina’s (and maybe the country) and our little weapon shall appear.

Anthony, thank you!!!!! Your devotion, training and intensity has done nothing but allow Logan to excel. You are truly a consummate and dedicated professional, seeing you work with the dogs is an absolute art.

To Weller Kennel’s, thanks and job well done (although he may be there a while longer).

Chris Miles – owner of Max (a Golden Retriever)

North Carolina


I just wanted to take the time and let you guys know how much we appreciated the work that you guys did with Max (Our Golden Retriever) while he was at your kennel. Being a business owner myself, I know how important it is to have good people on your staff, and Anthony is definitely one of those people.

Every time that we went onsite, he was very professional and he definitely knew what he was doing with Max. He also exemplified patience with my family in helping us understand the basis of the training and where to go from here when we took Max home. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we appreciated the service, and would be proud to send anyone your way.

Best Regards, 
Chris Miles

Floyd & Sage – owner of Sage (Lab)

North Carolina

Hi All I can say is, the 4 months Sage was with you guys was worth every minute. She was awesome. There were about 20 hunters in the field. Sounded like Iraq for about three hours. She was really scared at first with all the loud shooting. Was really hard to keep her in one place with a lead. I killed six birds the first three hours. She marked them all and retrieved them back like a pro. Still a little skittish with the shooting. After about three hours she settled down and never moved when a gun fired. I loved it when I saw that! She marked and I sent her and she came back like a pro to heel then released the drop like she was taught.

Only one time she broke from a sit. I sent my son home with all the birds.

That afternoon from 3:30 to 5:00 I killed my limit. Sage found every single bird. A couple were in real thick cover but she found them. That afternoon hunting with just Sage and myself was better than having a pocket filled with gold. She acted like she had been hunting for years.

The only thing that she does not care too much for is all the feathers in her mouth. The last five birds she would drop several times to clear her mouth. She ate only one. He was wounded and kept jumping up. I guess she figured that would stop him from flying. HA HA After cleaning all the birds there was only one that had a tooth mark in him. The rest was clean.

Mike Briley – owner of several Weller Kennel trained Retrievers

North Carolina 2008

What can I say about WELLER KENNELS?

The first time I met John, I carried him a pup named “KANE GRANDSON OF MOSES’ a crackerjack out of his breeding. John was driving out of his gate when my wife and I where pulling in. I get out and tell him who I am, and this guy gives me a quiz on how and what I want done. I told him that I wanted this dog to be a HUNTING DOG, if Kane could do it.

John pulls a dog out of his dogbox and shows me what it was all about. What a show that Weller Kennel trained dog put on for me and my wife. He asked me was that what I wanted. My response was YES!

Now, I own BNB Outfitters. Being in the hunting business, I’m around alot of people who talk a good game. John Weller is the Man, hear my words on this!! I know that Kane (Senior Hunter before age 2 1/2) was at the BEST training spot he could be at. We lost Kane at age 3, and I went about 3 years without a lab. John and I have become good friends over the last 9 years. I called him up 2 years ago and told him I was ready for another dog. He truly sent a OUTSTANDING Weller Kennel trained DOG to me. That dog makes me look so good in the field words can’t even describe.

John and Anthony are on point when it comes to getting it done. If you are looking for dog trainer look no futher! John Weller, I know the passion it takes to be the best, and thats why to me you are “THE MAN”.

Bruce and Hattie Young – owner of Joepa (Boxer)

New Bern, North Carolina 
Mr. Weller, 
Thank you all for being so wonderful to our boxer “Joepa”.

You know how much he means to us. We were so stressed out the first time we left him with you, parents anxiety attack. You all were so very nice, as we were out of town, you and the trainer Anthony was wonderful to keep us posted on you all working with him to make sure he ate well. Anthony did a wonderful job of training him to be more obedient. Anthony always shows us and lets us practice procedures we need to know to keep good control of Joepa and help him do his best. We will continue to bring him for Anthony to continue to keep him well trained.

We do not worry when he is there because we know you all will make sure he will eat and not be too hot or too cold. We also know you would not hesitate to get the Vet if our pet needed a vet. We did not worry when we left him with you during a time when it was possible bad storms or a hurricane could hit this area. We know you all will go the last mile to take care of the pets. If we did not feel this way, we would never leave our Joepa.

You guys are the best in care and in training. Joepa loves Anthony, he can not wait to get back in the car with us when we pick him up, but he thinks Anthony should come too. It is cute.

God bless you all.

Danny Davis – owner of Emma & Storm (Chocolate & Yellow Labrador Retriever)

North Carolina 

I wanted to write and tell you how blessed I feel to have been introduced to you. It had been a dream of mine to have a trained retriever since the age of 15 when my father had one. That lit a fire in me that kindled over the years, well from kids, to transfers with the Coast Guard I never seemed to have the time or the knowhow on fulfilling that dream until around 2002. I started asking around about a lab and was directed to a trainer that had one for sale. Being the novice that I was I did not understand the full picture of what a well trained retriever should know. Needless to say it turned into a 4-5 year disappointment until I was introduced to you. Even before I had a dog in training at your kennel you always went out of your way to answer questions and help in any way possible. I watched one of my best friend’s dogs excel with your training and I decided to place a dog with you.

From the one on one attention and pride that Anthony puts in to the basics, to the care and keeping up with the medical. I sleep well at night knowing that the team of Weller kennels is taking care of my dogs while they are there getting training. Yours is a first class operation and one that I would highly recommend to anyone. Please feel free to give my information to anyone that might want to ask any questions.

I cannot express my gratitude enough on how happy you have made me in helping the dream that started as a 15 year old boy finally come true. I was so happy this past weekend when Emma received her third pass in her Senior hunter and Storm got his Junior hunter title. Thanks for this and for being a good friend.

God Bless you and your family.

Jim Danis – owner of Justice (one of our puppies)

North Carolina 

I have had my dog, Justice, with John Weller since he was 6 months old. Justice is now 5yrs old. In that time John and I have taken Justice through his AKC titles and even qualified him for the 2007 Master Nationals. John has tirelessly worked to bring out the best in Justice and help him to develop to his full potential. John and his assistant, Anthony Abernathy, have taken care of Justice as if he was their own dog. They both take his accomplishments and his failures very personal. Over these last 4 1/2 years I have seen Justice grow to be an unbelievable hunter, competition and companion dog. He has far exceeded my expectations and for my 1st true hunting dog I couldn’t have imagined better. The teamwork of John and Anthony is unbeatable. The dogs they train receive the best care possible. With John and Anthony handling the training and taking care of the veterinary, feeding and administrative duties you have an unbeatable team.

I am so confident and satisfied with their abilities that I have even recommended them to my best friend. He now has his 2 dogs with Weller Kennels and has also seen the same success I have. I have a new pup coming soon. He will definitely be going to Weller Kennels for his training and development. The Weller Kennel family and I have developed more than just a trainer/client relationship. As far as I’m concerned they are family.

Thank you for all that you do!!

Brian McKinney – One of our puppies

Onslow County, North Carolina 

I’m not sure of what you expect when one of your pups leaves. I know you want them in a good home, with the love and attention that they need and deserve. I can promise that he’s always had that. Although I haven’t trained him in trials I worked with him diligently on my own, and through other training, and he is now an AKC Cert for Canine Good Citizen. I’m proud.

Thank you.

Cynthia E Oliver – Owner of Sadie

North Carolina

I just visited with Anthony and Saidy, and I wanted to say how appreciative I am of his work. He has worked with her diligently, and it really shows, she’s doing very well. I have elected to get more training for her for the next month as well. I also plan to have my other two dogs come through your program. Teaching well done!!

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Bryant – owner of Riley (one of our puppies)

North Carolina

In 3 days our little black lab will be 8 months old. I am writing to tell you that she has become the joy in my husband and I’s life. We are forever grateful to you all for allowing us to have Riley our lives.

She is very small: she only weighs 40 pounds 🙂 Our vet told us she will max out at around 45-50. She was the runt of her litter, but is a little daredevel. She loves swimming in our pond and playing ball, and cuddling with us. She still thinks she is a 5 pounds puppy as she was the day we got her.

Thank you for providing us with a beautiful, healthy puppy.

Cissie Wellons – owner of Belle (Vizsla)

North Carolina

Just a quick note to tell you that Belle, the Vizsla you trained for us last month is a jewel. She was a holy terror before your training! A sweet holy terror, but a pup I dreaded seeing every morning. I now enjoy being with her. Prior to staying with you, I tried to walk her. What a disaster! She would wrap the leash around my legs, tripping me in the process, pull my arms out of the sockets as she raced off to chase every leaf and squirrel in her line of vision, etc. Now I look forward to our daily outings — she heels beautifully, stops and sits whenever I do, even sits quietly while I stop and visit with the neighbors. And best of all, she has lost none of her sweetness and personality. Although these words don’t seem adequate, all I know to say is “thank you”!

Randy Wilson – Bayer CropScience

I have used Weller Kennels for three dogs now. He trained two of my Labrador Retrievers and a Border Collie for me. His facilities and training were great. John is very concerned about his animals and mine as well. I feel confident that he can help anyone that needs an animal trained.

Jim Tosto – (Owner of Sadie – Judge & Beep puppy)

La Grange, North Carolina 

After hunting with a friend who had a chocolate Labrador Retriever that had been trained at Weller Kennels and watching John put on a demonstration with several dogs, I decided to visit their kennel in search of a water dog. I was highly impressed with the cleanness and set up of the kennel.

Before purchasing a dog or entering a dog into training, I would recommend a visit to their facility. I purchased a black Labrador Retriever (Judge & Beep). Sadie is six months old, good in the house, very energetic, loves the water, loves to retrieve, but best of all she loves ducks.

Pat and Kathy Gentile – (owner of Luke)

New Bern, North Carolina

We first saw John Weller of Weller Kennels in action during the October MumFest and knew this trainer was for us and our dog, Luke. Luke stayed at the kennels for a month (minimum time).

While we certainly missed him, we can see the difference. He actually listens. We do continue to work with him as advised by John. The money spent and the time away from him has been well worth it because through their expertise, we have a “good” dog.

Beverly Williamson –  (owner of Coal)

Rocky Mount, North Carolina 

I want to send a great big Thank-you for the work that you did with my year old black Lab. Your hard work and dedication has turned my extremely high spirited and strong willed (stubborn, if you will) dog into a PET that my children and I can work with and enjoy. We have only had him home less than a week and we still have work to do, but he is doing well with all his obedience commands and is able to sit one hour at a time without getting up, which is truly AMAZING for our dog, Coal.

We are dedicated to continuing his training so that our life as a “family” will be much more relaxed and enjoyable. Thanks again to Weller Kennels!

James Ashley – (Owner of Cracker) 

Richmond, Virginia

We have been absolutely delighted with Cracker. He is a great hunter and pet. My friends and I are impressed with his spirit, his brains, his looks and his passion to hunt.

He is strong enough to retriever 8-10 pound geese as often as we can knock them down, ducks and dove. The dove feather give him a fit after about 30-40 retrievers, but he never gives up….those feather would have the same effect on me.

The breeding and training program you offer are great!

James H. Danis, II  – (Owner of Weller’s Tell It to the Judge “Justice”)

Fayetteville, North Carolina

I researched breeders/trainers and pedigrees for at least 6 months and after speaking with John, I chose a puppy from the breeding of Weller’s Judgement Day, MH and Blue Stars High Flyin Tails.

I’ve had my puppy, a male black lab named Weller’s Tell it to the Judge (Justice) for 2 months now. He’s become a delightful addition to the family. He’s crazy about retrieving and is already very well mannered. In the 8 weeks I’ve had him, he has learned to sit, stay, come and will sit and come to the whistle.

I can only imagine the progress he will make with the professional training John will provide. I am 100% certain that I have made the right choice in a breeder/trainer and a puppy!!!!

Leigh & Tony Velez – (owner of “Tango” Australian Blue Heeler)

Havelock, North Carolina

All I can say is thank you.

I could not be happier with the training. She has done great since she has been home…..

Rob Mason – (owner of Shirley)

North Carolina

Weller Kennels was able to accomplish more in one month than I had been able to do in 6. I am frequently out of town for extended periods of time and have had my dog kenneled there three times now. The results are even more impressive each time. From obedience, to retrieving, to live birds, Weller Kennels has been a huge success not only training my hunting companion, but also showing me how to continue with her training after we leave.

My dog loves it there so much, she always sems sad to leave!

Thanks Weller Kennels!!

The Hoag Family –  (owner of Magic (Judge & Beep puppy)

North Carolina

Thanks again for Magic.

Bred, trained and often boarded at Weller Kennels, she becomes a great family dog and superb retriever. We did our homework before buying a lab and your blue ribbon operation got rave reviews from everyone we talked to.

You can add our cheers to the chorus and tell anyone looking for a reference to check with us. Thanks also for answering our zillion questions. You do a great job training dog owners too!

Cynthia Morris – (owner of Weller’s Holy Trinity – Judge x Beep puppy)

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Her official title is Weller’s Holy Trinity “Lil Beep”. Your web site is really cool. I will be sending any one who is looking for a pup your direction.
Keep up the good work.

M. Norton Howe, Jr. – (owner of Ginny)

Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina

I’m happy to give Weller Kennels my endorsement.

Two years ago, when our female pointing lab was 10 months old, we left her with Weller Kennels while we too an overseas trip. She was there for a month. Upon our return, she was an accomplished “baseball” player, performing “overs” and “backs”, as well as redirects. The trainer spent considerable time giving us a demonstration and instructing me about reinforcement and additional training.

However, the bottom line to me was the relationship that the trainer had built with my dog. She was clearly happy being there. “Ginny” is now almost three years old and besides being a good pointing dog, she is a relentless retriever of all game birds on the land or in the water.

Ann Peden – (owner of Pooh Bear)

Raleigh, North Carolina 

Thanks, John. Pooh Bear is doing great. 

He really understands the word “no”, is sitting in place for over an hour at a time and is doing pretty good on the “here” command. I try not to use it without his training leash, but if I say “here” without it, he will come. We know we need to continue working with him, but he has come a long, long way. I would have to say you all have worked a miracle! Now, if we can just keep it up.

Best to all of you and we’ll keep you posted.

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