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Bruce and Hattie Young - 2008

New Bern, North Carolina

Mr. Weller,
Thank you all for being so wonderful to our boxer "Joepa".

You know how much he means to us. We were so stressed out the first time we left him with you, parents anxiety attack. You all were so very nice, as we were out of town, you, Mrs. Weller and the trainer Anthony was wonderful to keep us posted on you all working with him to make sure he ate well. Anthony did a wonderful job of training him to be more obedient. Anthony always shows us and lets us practice procedures we need to know to keep good control of Joepa and help him do his best. We will continue to bring him for Anthony to continue to keep him well trained.

We do not worry when he is there because we know you all will make sure he will eat and not be too hot or too cold. We also know you would not hesitate to get the Vet if our pet needed a vet. We did not worry when we left him with you during a time when it was possible bad storms or a hurricane could hit this area. We know you all will go the last mile to take care of the pets. If we did not feel this way, we would never leave our Joepa.

You guys are the best in care and in training. Joepa loves Anthony, he can not wait to get back in the car with us when we pick him up, but he thinks Anthony should come too. It is cute.

God bless you all.

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