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Mike Briley

North Carolina

What can I say about WELLER KENNELS?

The first time I met John, I carried him a pup named "KANE GRANDSON OF MOSES' a crackerjack out of his breeding. John was driving out of his gate when my wife and I where pulling in. I get out and tell him who I am, and this guy gives me a quiz on how and what I want done. I told him that I wanted this dog to be a HUNTING DOG, if Kane could do it.

John pulls a dog out of his dogbox and shows me what it was all about. What a show that Weller Kennel trained dog put on for me and my wife. He asked me was that what I wanted. My response was YES!

Now, I own BNB Outfitters. Being in the hunting business, I'm around alot of people who talk a good game. John Weller is the Man, hear my words on this!! I know that Kane (Senior Hunter before age 2 1/2) was at the BEST training spot he could be at. We lost Kane at age 3, and I went about 3 years without a lab. John and I have become good friends over the last 9 years. I called him up 2 years ago and told him I was ready for another dog. He truly sent a OUTSTANDING Weller Kennel trained DOG to me. That dog makes me look so good in the field words can't even describe.

John,Janet, and Anthony are on point when it comes to getting it done. If you are looking for dog trainer look no futher! John Weller, I know the passion it takes to be the best, and thats why to me you are "THE MAN".

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