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Danny Davis

North Carolina


I wanted to write and tell you how blessed I feel to have been introduced to you. It had been a dream of mine to have a trained retriever since the age of 15 when my father had one. That lit a fire in me that kindled over the years, well from kids, to transfers with the Coast Guard I never seemed to have the time or the knowhow on fulfilling that dream until around 2002. I started asking around about a lab and was directed to a trainer that had one for sale. Being the novice that I was I did not understand the full picture of what a well trained retriever should know. Needless to say it turned into a 4-5 year disappointment until I was introduced to you. Even before I had a dog in training at your kennel you always went out of your way to answer questions and help in any way possible. I watched one of my best friend's dogs excel with your training and I decided to place a dog with you.

From the one on one attention and pride that Anthony puts in to the basics, to the care and keeping up with the medical from Janet. I sleep well at night knowing that the team of Weller kennels is taking care of my dogs while they are there getting training. Yours is a first class operation and one that I would highly recommend to anyone. Please feel free to give my information to anyone that might want to ask any questions.

I cannot express my gratitude enough on how happy you have made me in helping the dream that started as a 15 year old boy finally come true. I was so happy this past weekend when Emma received her third pass in her Senior hunter and Storm got his Junior hunter title. Thanks for this and for being a good friend. God Bless you and your family.

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