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Jim Danis

North Carolina

I have had my dog, Justice, with John and Janet Weller since he was 6 months old. Justice is now 5yrs old. In that time John and I have taken Justice through his AKC titles and even qualified him for the 2007 Master Nationals. John has tirelessly worked to bring out the best in Justice and help him to develop to his full potential. John and his assistant, Anthony Abernathy, have taken care of Justice as if he was their own dog. They both take his accomplishments and his failures very personal. Over these last 4 1/2 years I have seen Justice grow to be an unbelievable hunter, competition and companion dog. He has far exceeded my expectations and for my 1st true hunting dog I couldn't have imagined better. The teamwork of John, Anthony and Janet is unbeatable. The dogs they train receive the best care possible. With John and Anthony handling the training and Janet taking care of the veterinary, feeding and administrative duties you have an unbeatable team.

I am so confident and satisfied with their abilities that I have even recommended them to my best friend. He now has his 2 dogs with Weller Kennels and has also seen the same success I have. I have a new pup coming soon. He will definitley be going to Weller Kennels for his training and development. The Weller Kennel family and I have developed more than just a trainer/client relationship. As far as I'm concerned they are family.

Thank you John, Janet and Anthony for all that you do!!

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