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Chris Barnes & Family

Elm City, North Carolina

Janet, John & Anthony,

When my family made the decision that we wanted a black lab in our family, I began researching the web and asking friends for recommendations. One name kept coming up over and over - "Weller Kennels."

I contacted Janet via email and a few days later got a nice phone call about being put on a waiting list for the next litter. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have waited, but your reputation made me give it a try. And Oh My! What a fantastic dog we waited for!

First and foremost we wanted a family companion and playmate, but being that several of us are beginning to duck hunt, we also wanted a good hunter/retriever. From the day we brought him home, he has been both an affection and retieving machine! So easy to train! But now he needs refinement and I can't wait to see what you produce!

As for Weller Kennels, as fate would have it, you contacted me about doing some photography and other work for you and kennel. As such I have been on-site at the facilty several times and for extended visits. I've gotten to see the facilty up close and observe the activities. What an asset you have in Anthony and your staff! Always polite, courteous and professional. What a joy to watch them work with the dogs! And I was amazed that not only do you produce GRADE A labs, but you train all breeds of dogs as well! So cool to see labs, shepards, poodles, goldens, etc. all behaving beautifully together!

I've already sent two friends to you, and I'll be a customer for life!

Continued success,
Chris Barnes

UPDATE: (after picking up Shade from Obedience and Retriever Training)


Please tell Anthony that I had the most enjoyable walk with Shade today. We have a long driveway like yours. I walked him all the way to the mailbox, had him sit while I walked out to the mailbox, then circled around him, before picking the leash back up and commanding a heel back home. We stopped several times to sit, with me staying sometimes and continuing to walk on at others. He did great! I even dropped the newspaper at one point and had him fetch it up!

Then we played the "baseball" game once we got back home! It was a great session! Water retrieves are spot on too! Thanks again!


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