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Jeffrey Allen

North Carolina

Janet and John,

Kelli is right at 1 yr old (Chocolate) and a joy to hunt with. Kelli was FF, CC and trained at Weller Kennels. Kelli has picked up Ringneck Pheasants, Mallards,Wood Ducks, Teal, Ring Necks and BlueBills her first year. Anthony and John do an outstanding job with each retriever. Kelli is the daughter of Dutchmans Top Gun MH "Maverick" whom is retired and was also trained/FF/CC at Weller Kennels among numerous other retrievers I have owned over the years. Thanks for such a complete, thorough & outstanding job! The care and well being of each retriever is outstanding as well. The ability to read and understand each retriever no matter how different, set Anthony and John apart.

Your friend,
Jim Hoffman

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