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Jake and Jessica Lewis

Jacksonville, North Carolina

Mr. & Mrs. Weller, Anthony,

We just visited Logan the other day. What a pleasant treat to see what once was a hyper little 3 month old Lab turn into such a well behaved and intense young dog. In just the last few months he has transformed into the dog that we will be pleased to have in our home, and in the blind. After the tragic loss of our male last summer while I was in Afghanistan, my wife "cleared me hot" for another retrieving machine. We found that with Logan, coupled with months of research into the premier dog school in the Carolina's (and maybe the country) and our little weapon shall appear.

Anthony, thank you!!!!! Your devotion, training and intensity has done nothing but allow Logan to excel. You are truly a consummate and dedicated professional, seeing you work with the dogs is an absolute art.

To Weller Kennel's, thanks and job well done (although he may be there a while longer).

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