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Floyd & Sage

North Carolina

Hi All I can say is, the 4 months Sage was with you guys was worth every minute. She was awesome. There were about 20 hunters in the field. Sounded like Iraq for about three hours. She was really scared at first with all the loud shooting. Was really hard to keep her in one place with a lead. I killed six birds the first three hours. She marked them all and retrieved them back like a pro. Still a little skittish with the shooting. After about three hours she settled down and never moved when a gun fired. I loved it when I saw that! She marked and I sent her and she came back like a pro to heel then released the drop like she was taught. Only one time she broke from a sit. I sent my son home with all the birds. That afternoon from 3:30 to 5:00 I killed my limit. Sage found every single bird. A couple were in real thick cover but she found them. That afternoon hunting with just Sage and myself was better than having a pocket filled with gold. She acted like she had been hunting for years. The only thing that she does not care too much for is all the feathers in her mouth. The last five birds she would drop several times to clear her mouth. She ate only one. He was wounded and kept jumping up. I guess she figured that would stop him from flying. HA HA After cleaning all the birds there was only one that had a tooth mark in him. The rest was clean.

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