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Cissie Wellons

North Carolina

Just a quick note to tell you that Belle, the Vizsla you trained for us last month is a jewel. She was a holy terror before your training! A sweet holy terror, but a pup I dreaded seeing every morning. I now enjoy being with her. Prior to staying with you, I tried to walk her. What a disaster! She would wrap the leash around my legs, tripping me in the process, pull my arms out of the sockets as she raced off to chase every leaf and squirrel in her line of vision, etc. Now I look forward to our daily outings -- she heels beautifully, stops and sits whenever I do, even sits quietly while I stop and visit with the neighbors. And best of all, she has lost none of her sweetness and personality. Although these words don't seem adequate, all I know to say is "thank you"!

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