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Raymond S. Fryrear, II, M.D. and Robin M. Fryrear, BSN

Denver, Colorado

It is with great pleasure to write a letter that will serve to support Janet & John Weller, who have been the cornerstone for our first gundog training experience. We met Janet & John for the first time in March 2004 at the Dixie Deer Classic in Raleigh NC, after an exhausting national search for a trainer. Given Johns' reputation, experience, and knowledge with regards to retriever training, he became our first choice for training Sir Mocha Jazz. It was our experience that Weller Kennels not only cared about the dogs that they were training but also about their owners.

John worked with us in multiple capacities and demonstrated a superior fund of knowledge in both training and competition. He has a superb reputation nationwide as well as our household. John first demonstrated his abilities as a trainer when he took the initiative to get us involved in all aspects of Jazz's training, giving us the tools to succeed both as owners and handlers. He was able to greatly increase our efficiency and understanding of retriever training.

As a competitor he has inspired us to get involved with multiple hunt test series and field trials. His competence and passion are outstanding ranking Weller Kennels the top training facility that I've had the pleasure of experiencing. In addition, John is enthusiastic, humorous, and relates well to his clients. He is always prepared, attentive, and skilled like none other I've met thus far. Considering the many years of experience and the unlimited number of champion dogs he has been affiliated with, John Weller demonstrates the title of a trainers trainer. We have enjoyed working with Janet & John over the last year and appreciate the success they have given Jazz thus far as it is only the beginning.

Therefore, it our pleasure without hesitation to recommend Janet & John Weller at Weller Kennels to anyone interested in obedience training, retriever training, or both. We can say with extreme confidence that the Weller family will be a major asset to anyones dog portfolio. Keep up the good work guys!

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